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Restaurants in Melbourne metro will open from 2nd Nov.

Small hospitality business has been suffered for a long time due to the current lockdown in Melbourne.

Finally, premier of Victoria government announced that hospitality business such as restaurants, cafes, and pubs can be opened from 2nd Nov.

However, we are expecting many restaurants are struggling to find their staffs.

Significant number of international students and working holiday makers who's usually worked for many restaurants in Australia headed back to their home country during the lockdown.

The international border is currently closed and no one can expect that it reopens as normal.

This uncertainty is giving more stress to the owners of hospitality businesses.

We hope that our Serving robot (Pudubot) could be the alternative choice for hospitality owners who's struggling on rebuilding their team until the international border reopen.

Restaurants can hire the Serving robot (Pudubot) on about $25 a day.


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